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Real Time Monitoring for Drilling Operation

Historically, sound judgments and effective decisions in drilling operation always require experts to be present on the field to fetch necessary data. But with the rapid increase in oil demand worldwide, oil companies are faced with the challenge of expert scarcity.

Navita Drilling Monitoring (NDM) in drilling is the answer to oil companies that expect up–to-date expert information in real-time mode. NDM Suites will transmit data from many locations to head office in real-time which enables experts in head office to monitor, analyze and make sound decisions for many locations at a time. Therefore, with NDM operational cost is reduced and personal exposure time at the rig site is minimized.

Benefit :

  • Improved communication among asset team members
  • Easing you to monitor “plan vs actual”
  • As a tool for your effort to reduce Non Productive Time (NPT)
  • Optimized experience resources
  • Our in-dependency and neutrality allows us to develop strong relationships with customer
  • Integration with Navita Drilling Report (NDR) for customer easiness

Drilling is among the most important and risky activities in the petroleum industry. It utilizes complex equipment and requires qualified people to be cost effective and timely, to achieve a successful “goal zero” accident free target. Real time drilling operation monitoring will help you streamline your drilling operations and accelerate your success.

Daily Drilling Report

Management reporting is as crucial as real-time data for analysis. It provides management with progress and performance of operation on the field for decision making process. Manual data entry for half-day or daily report by engineers is costly, prone to human error and leads to time consuming administration and data management.

Navita Drilling Report (NDR) can retrieve realtime data and utilize the data to automatically generate management report anytime and anywhere, therefore avoiding the risk of field reporting and risk of human error. Furthermore with or archive management system, NDR can also recall previous report easily.